Individuals, Parties, and Groups

Book your birthday, bachelor(ette) parties, corporate event or other special occasion any day of the week with start times from 12pm to 9pm.  We can accommodate up to 70 players. Book over the phone or use our online booking form!Book Now

Axe Throwing League

Leagues will be starting in January. Sign up by calling or talking to a Team member at your next visit!Book Now

Walk-in Axe Throwing

Walk-ins are available from 12p to 8pm and hours may change with reasonable notice. Please check our online walk-in schedule or call before your planned visit to confirm available times. No minimum group sizes required.Book Now

Axe Throwing is an amazing sport!

throwing axe is a weapon used during the Middle Ages by foot soldiers and occasionally knights. Usually, they are thrown in an overhand motion (much like throwing a baseball) in a manner that causes the axe to rotate as it travels through the air.

Axe throwing is a sport in which the competitor throws an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bullseye as near as possible like that of the archery. Axe throwing is an event held in most lumberjack competitions. A skilled axe thrower will rotate the throwing axe exactly once throughout the flight so that the sharpened edge of the head will penetrate the target. Throwing axes are becoming popular among outdoor enthusiasts as a throwing tool.

axe throwing target

Book your lane today!

The cost is $30 per person, for 90 minutes. Games play much like bowling where your party is divided into ‘lanes’.  If your group is small, you may be asked to share a lane with another team, if we are very busy. Otherwise, we try to let players spread out. Book Now!